Thursday, August 14, 2008

:The:Mission:Taco:Chapter 1:Taqueria San Francisco:

For my first review, I wanted to visit a taqueria that I had never visited before. I thus took a stroll down 24th towards Portrero, thinking that I'd pass at least a couple places I'd never been to. Oddly enough, I ended up at Taqueria San Francisco, located at 2794 24th St.--basically a couple streets just before Portrero:

Nice sign. My 4-year-old nephew made it.

The place was pretty empty, and it was 7ish--this was the first sign that this taq might not be the place to be when in need for a mex fix. But I then thought that I may have stumbled upon a holy taco paradise. So I thought.

I entered. I looked to the left--standard taqueria billboard-menu . Two classes of tacos--regular and super. I asked what was in the "taco regular" (which was $2.25). "Onion, cilantro, hot sauce." "Salsa Roja?" I ask. "Yes." "Two please."

All pictures will be taken via iPhone

So it looks pretty decent--yes? Well we all know that "looks can be deceiving," and tacos are no exception to this saying.

Firstly, notice the puddle of aqua roja in between the tacos. It should not be this consistency. Now, I would be more forgiving if somehow this liquid was tasty, but it really just wasn't.

Even more of a crime than the salsa roja was the carne asada. Simply bland. The carne asada is the integral part of a taco, and they flavored it with a dash too much of nothing. Even salt and lime couldn't save this taco because salt and lime is used to enhance the flavor of the carne asada, but there was no flavor to enhance.

The only decent thing about the tacos were the corn tortillas. It's not even that they were extraordinarly flavorful; they were just well-warmed and had a good consistency. Though this may seem trivial, barely warm, soggy tortillas kind of blow. It's always nice when the tortillas are done right.

Time for the judicial system: how will I rate my tacos? Rather than coming up with a formula based on rating individual components of the taco to give you an arbitrary number rating like 3.14159254/5, I have devised a very simple method of rating:
  1. No Bueno >:| This taco tastes like pig poop--never coming here again.
  2. Asi Asi :| This taco was okay. Would come here again, but there are certainly better ones out there.
  3. Que Bueno! :P This taco is really good. Would definitely come back here in a second.
  4. ODM (Oh Dios Mios!) ^_^ OMG! This taco is indubitably impeccably perfect!
With that said, the verdict is: The tacos at Taqueria San Francisco are No Bueno >:| I would not come back here again.


  1. I just thought about this. Your rating system is based on mistranslated Spanish terminology. I know I'm not a student of Español or Castellano, but I know that for example 'asi asi' isn't really used at all. In fact, the correct terminology would be 'mas o menos'. And to to also point out your mixture of English within the 4th rating 'ODM' (Oh Dios Mios!) should be in fact, 'ADM' (Ay Dios Mios!). Spanish people when in shock or pleasure say 'ay!', not 'oh'. K thx. <(^_-)>