Saturday, August 9, 2008


:The:Mission:Taco: aims to provide my opinions and critique of EVERY single taco in the Mission. Whether it's from a sit-down restaurant, a taco truck, or a taqueria, as long as the taco is created in The Mission district of San Francisco, I plan to review it.

Now, San Francisco district borders oftentimes blend with each other, leaving the uncertainty of exactly where one ends and where the other begins. Where does The Mission become SOMA? And exactly where does The Castro become The Mission? According to Yelp, The Mission is nested in between Dolores St. on the west and Portrero Ave. on the east. From the south, The Mission starts at Cesar Chavez/Army St and extends north all the way until 101/Market St. I will use this geographic definition of The Mission when choosing my taco locale.

Mission St. houses countless tacos just waiting to be unearthed.

There are of course numerous toppings and "extras" that may go onto a taco--avocado, sour cream, and cheese are the main ones that come to mind. In my opinion, these take away from the true taste, the very essence of what the taco is all about. Just as a naturally beautiful woman needs no foundation or mascara, the taco needs no additions. The avocado/guacamole, the cheese, even the beans in some cases--do not be fooled--these merely act as concealer. A true beauty has nothing to hide--appreciate the naturale.

I don't want a high maintenance Gucci taco. I'm interested in a very simple, pure carne asada taco. The taco I review must only contain the following ingredients:
  1. Carne Asada
  2. Corn Tortilla - (may be single or double-layered)
  3. Cilantro
  4. Onion
  5. Salsa Roja (Red Sauce)
  6. Light sprinkle of lime/salt to enhance the carne asada
That's it. The no-frills carne asada taco. There are of course various other choices of meats--if you're interested in them, this is the wrong place for you.

A mighty feat this may be, to review every carne asada taco in The Mission. Some might call me crazy. Some might call this mission impossible. But my goal is to review every taco. My eyes are set on the prize. This is it. This is :The:Mission:Taco:


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  1. 面白いな。blogが大好きだな。I think you're doing the work of a prophet. 頑張ってください。